Instructions to look up enrollment information on the website (English version)

Are you looking for information on the Hanoi University of Technology Admissions website? Read through this article to help you search faster!

1. Guide to Register / Login

To use the full functions on the admission website, please register for an account and log in when using. Very simple method in seconds. See detailsInstructions for registration / login

2. Use the Search Box (Top of the browser)

For example you want to search News - Events - Announcements - FAQ with keyword " Admissions "

Note: If you want to search for a university training, please go to search under "University"> "Department of university training

3. Search for university training

If you want to find ALL disciplines by industry group must use English code. There are industry groups including:

BF (Biotechnology and Food Techonology) - Group of Biotechnology and Food Technology

CH (Chemical Engineering) - Chemical engineering group

ED (Engineering Pedagogy) - Group of Technical Education

EE ( Electrical and Electronic Engineering ) - Group of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

EV (Environmental Science and Technology) - Group of environmental science and technology

FL (Foreign Languages) - Language group

HE ( Thermal Engineering ) - Thermal engineering group

IT (Information Technology) - Group of Information Technology

ME ( Mechanical Engineering ) - Group of Mechanical Engineering

MI (Mathematics and Informatics) - Group of Mathematics and Informatics

PH ( Engineering Physics ) - Group of Engineering Physics

TE ( Automotive Engineering ) - Mechanical engineering group

TX (Textile Engineering) - Textile engineering group

Example: You want to find all IT industry groups. So you need to tick on the letter "I" (IT)

4. Use the Main Menu bar


The main items are:

General admission information: Contains all the most important updated admission information (Admission method - Enrollment criteria / Admission code - Admission benchmarks - Direct admission and Admission priority)

Higher education majors: All undergraduate disciplines

Experimental activities: All news and photos of University Experience activities - Future orientation in Bach Khoa and provinces

Standard training programs: Standard training programs in "university training sector"

International training programs: International training programs in "higher education disciplines"

EliTECH training program: Advanced training programs (elite training) in "university training sector"

"Graduate"  includes Master (Master) and Research Student (Doctor)

"International Admission" : Admissions are for international students

"News-Events":  All Latest Event News, New Announcements, Famous Polytechnic News will be here

"Tuition - Scholarships" : All Tuition, Scholarship, and Other Scholarship Information

"FAQs" : All student / student / parent questions will be answered here. You can find answers already answered or "Ask a new question".

Or use keyword tags in the "FAQs". Click" See more "to find lots of other keyword tags.

Note: To post a question, you need "Register / Login". See the instructions HERE

Additionally, you need to contact anyone at the Admissions office which can be found under "Contact"


Step 1:  Log in  to the website (View instructions for registration / login)

Step 2: Enter in the box " Enter keywords to find " the question you want to find or ask. Similar questions will be displayed, you can click to see if it is appropriate

Step 3: If there are no matching questions, select " Post Question " at the bottom of the Search box. 


5. Use Sitemap

Sitemap is currently under construction and will be updated in the near future

6. Chat to the Teacher Admissions room

You can Chat via Fanpage or Chat Tawk in office hours to meet the Admissions Teachers.

Note:  If asked outside office hours, teachers will respond at the latest on the next working day. If you have asked, but have not been answered, do not hesitate to repeat the question again, because one day the Admissions Department receives a lot of questions, can answer your questions incorrectly.

7. Call the Admissions Office

You need to inquire about the  University  - Call 084 868 3408

You need to inquire about  The  University (MSc and PhD students)  - Call 0904 104 109

8. Contact the teachers of the Faculties - Institute 

If you want to find out the details of any major program, please contact the Faculty - Institute .

For details see "Faculty - Institute" at the top of the browser 

Like / Follow Institute's Facebook is a way to help you receive the most up-to-date news about the programs and industries you are interested in yes

Joining the Groups of Khoa Vien is a way to help you connect with older siblings and receive a lot of useful advice and advice. heart