Training language: Tiếng Pháp

Admission code: EE-EP

Talent recruitment:

Admissions targets:

  • Graduated: Engineer - Master
  • Admissions Time: August every year
  • Training time: 5.5 years
  • Tuition: 40 - 45 million VND/year

The Vietnam France Program is a cooperative training project between the French and Vietnamese governments with training programs that have been accredited by the French Engineering Qualifications Committee (CTI) since 1999. Two Vietnamese training programs Current French at the School are Industrial Informatics and Aviation Mechanics. The Vietnamese French program is designed over a 5-year period with certain requirements for foreign language proficiency in English and French, and an Engineering degree recognized by CTI. The tuition fee for this program is only equal to the full-time university tuition fee for the information technology/mechatronics and electronics-telecommunications majors.

The engineer qualifications of the Vietnam France Program have been recognized by CTI and the European Agency for Accreditation of Engineering Training Programs (ENAEE) as equivalent to a master's degree. The Ministry of Education and Training has also recognized the PFIEV High Quality Engineering diploma as equivalent to a master's degree in admission to further study at a higher level (PhD). PFIEV high-quality engineers only need to study a relatively short program (4-6 months) to receive a Master of Science degree from Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Therefore, graduates of the French-Vietnamese Program have special advantages in terms of employment and research opportunities at home or abroad, especially European countries.

Admission form

  • Direct admission (Talent admission)
  • Admission is based on high school graduation exam results
  • Admission is based on the results of the Thinking Assessment Test

Training Program

Detailed training program information - SEE HERE

In charge of in-depth consulting on training programs:

  • EE-EP – Industrial Informatics and Automation (Vietnamese - French Program PFIEV)
  • Director of Training Program: PhD. Nguyen Thanh Huong;
  • Email:;
  • Phone: 0904 466 684

Tuition - Scholarships

Students have the opportunity to receive scholarships from HCMUT, many scholarships with a total value of about 300 million from domestic and foreign companies and corporations such as: ABB, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Rockwell Automation... to support internships. at corporations Foxconn, Coteccons, Samsung, EDH, EVN, ..., Student exchange scholarships abroad under the programs: Erasmus, AUN/SEED-Net, ECORED, Nafosted, ..

During their studies, students have the opportunity to practice and continue studying at schools in France and other European countries.


  • Operate and develop production systems.
  • Research at centers, research institutes, and universities at home and abroad;
  • Research, design, and develop products at corporations and foreign investment (FDI) companies;
  • Research, design, and develop products at companies in the field of Measurement - Control; Research and technical management at agencies under the General Department and Quality Assurance and Measurement Departments of provinces and cities
  • Average salary is 15 million VND/month