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ASEA-UNINET Scholarship 2021

Student exchange programs are activities of receiving foreign students to visit, exchange relations or study short-time at HUST, and sending HUST students to visit, exchange relations or study short-time at counterpart universities within frameworks of HUST’s agreed documents and activities of university associations, of which HUST is a member.

Medical Services

There might be challenges facing students throughout their studenthood, which requires students to have a good health and sound spirit to overcome. HUST’s Medical and Health care services’ missions are to support students in this aspect.

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

Student Clubs

Exams and life stress you out? Join HUST student clubs, where you can find people sharing the same interests as well as chances to understand yourself and your passion.

Graduate News

HUST Academic Model from 2020

Based on Decree No. 99/2019/ND-CP dated December 30, 2019 elaborating and providing guidelines for some Articles of the Law on amendments to the Law on Higher Education, HUST renewed its Education System in the direction of flexibility, international integration, and maximal support for career-oriented learners



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