Requirements, How to apply and many useful information to become Inernational Admission at HUST
  1. Requirement
  • Official high school/secondary school transcripts including notice of graduation or high school diploma (for Undergraduate students).
  • Applicants must hold a bachelor degree in a relevant discipline (for Master students)
  • English proficiency requirements: IELTS score (minimum score is 5.0) or equivalent
  • Financial support statement (original bank statement and sponsor letter)

+ Bank Statement: The bank statement should not be older than six months. The bank statement should include its address, e-mail, web address, phone number, and reflect bank transactions of the past 6 months.

+ Sponsor Letter: Bank statements not in the applicant’s name require an original sponsor letter. The letter should state the relationship between the applicant and sponsor. The sponsor should include a brief description detailing how s/he intends to sponsor the applicant while attending HUST. Please sign and date the letter. If the sponsor letter is not in English, provide English translation.

  1. How to apply?

Step 1: online application

  • Fill out the form with your personal data:
  • Upload your documents (all in 1 file)
  • Application Form (download template for undergraduate  HERE and postgraduate  HERE)
  • Copy of passport identification page.
  • A Motivation Letter - highlighting why you would like to attend the chosen program and explaining your future academic and career goals
  • Letter of Recommendation 
  • Degree and transcript: Previous education documents or the most recent academic transcripts in English, If possible, transcripts should include an explanation of the grading system; 
  • Proof of English certificate 
  • Financial support statement
  • Research Proposal (for Master of Science or Ph.D. student)

Step 2: Evaluation and Results


  • Preliminary evaluation and further guidance will be provided via email.
  • Online interview date and time will be coordinated with the qualifying candidate personally.

Conditional acceptance

  • Successful candidates will receive an acceptance letter
  • Education documents should be sent only upon a request by the Admissions Office. Please note that the application documents will not be returned.

Step 3: Send documents by post

General requirements for documents sent by post:

  • printed and signed acceptance letter;
  • copy of passport identification pages;
  • officially certified education documents and authorized translations. 

Documents should be sent to the following address:

  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  • Admissions Office: C1B building, Room 101
  • 1 Dai Co Viet, Hanoi, VIETNAM
  • Tel: 0084 24 3868 3407
  • Mobile: 0912 010 581 - 084 868 3408
  • Email:
  • Website:

3. Deadline:

  • For Undergraduate students


Application Submission Date

Admission Notification

Deadline for Enrollment

Semester 1

before 30 June

before 15 July

before 22 August

Semester 2

before 30 November

before 15 December

before 22 January, next year

Note: International students are encouraged to enroll in 1st semester

  • For Master student


Application Submission Date

Admission Notification

Deadline for Enrollment

Semester 1

before 19 February

before 20 March

before 19 April

Semester 2

before 20 July

before 20 August before 22 September

4. Tuition fee

- The tuition fee for undergraduate international students



Program code

Estimated tuition fee/ semester


Advanced Program in Mechatronics Engineering


1,000 – 1,500 USD/semester


Advanced Program in Automotive Engineering



Advanced Program in Materials Science & Engineering



Advanced Program in Electronic Communication



Advanced Program in Biomedical Engineering



Advanced Program in Information and Communications Technology (ICT program)



Advanced Program in Electrical Engineering



Advanced Program in Data Science and AI



Advanced Program in Pharmaceutical chemistry



Advanced Program in Food Technology



Advanced Program in Business Analytics



The International Professional English (IPE) program



The international education Program: Logistic and Supply Chain



Cooperative program in Computer Science with TROY University (TROY degree)



Cooperative program in Business Administration with TROY University (TROY degree)


Student has to pay 100 USD for application fee

- The tuition fee for Master international students: 4,500 USD

5. Other costs:

- Visa, airfare

- Health insurance

- Living expenses in Hanoi: ~150-200 USD/month

- Accommodation fee for international students: ~80-200 USD/month

6. Vietnam visa information for international students

Entry Visa Procedures: For international students who are currently in their home country, and have been enrolled at HUST to study

  • Provide a copy of passport
  • Other supporting documents (arranged by HUST)
  • Applicants are required to pay the tuition fees for the forthcoming semester. Proof of payment is required.

HUST admissions will send you the soft copy of the approval correspondence from the Vietnamese Immigration Department. You will submit it together with your visa application form, original passport, and visa payment. You will then be required to collect your visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in your home country.

In case there is no Vietnamese government office in your country, it’s important to inform us as soon as possible so we can organize for your pre-visa approval letter to indicate the location on arrival in Vietnam where you can collect and pay for your student visa.

Important noteInternational students must have a student visa and comply with the visa conditions to study at HUST. If you are on a different type of visa, you may be required to leave Vietnam in order to apply for a student visa. HUST is not responsible for and cannot guarantee the outcome of any visa application.


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